Out of the bath – as a born again! On the bath brooms

Out of the bath – as a born again! About venikah. Berezovy bath broom: in birch leaves is essential oils, tannins, vitamin C and provitamin A, strengthens hair and eliminates dandruff, heals and soothes the skin, prone to pustular diseases, accelerates the healing of wounds and abrasions; relieves pain in muscles and joints after exercise, having a pronounced bronchodilatory effect (especially for the small bronchi), promotes discharge of mucus, improving the ventilation of the lungs that is simply irreplaceable for asthmatics and kurilschikov. Dubovy broom: oak leaves contain a large amount of tannins, so the oak broom is particularly indicated for people with oily skin – it makes it dull and elastic, anti-inflammatory effect, oak aroma inhibits increase in blood pressure in the steam room, calms the nervous system, relieves stress. Lipovy broom: he has no equal for colds, that has a fever, bronchodilator, a calming effect, increases sweating and diuretic effect, relieves headaches bol. Hvoyny broom (fir, juniper): a broom should be steamed in boiling water for 10 minutes, as soon as it is soft, you can begin to steam, natural antibiotics contained in the needles (volatile) disinfect the air, prevent the spread of respiratory infections is good for the kind of massage, such as radiculitis, pain in the spine, the other chamber, increase blood circulation, because deep in the muscles and – reflexively – even in the inner organah. Evkaliptovy broom: eucalyptus leaves contain up to 3% essential oil has a therapeutic effect in a cold, sore throat, for which he pressed to his face and nose or mouth breathing 5 minutes, but this is a broom and disadvantage: they are uncomfortable to wield during the parks, because the branches are thin and flexible, and the leaves are narrow and long. Ash broom: we recommend the use in the morning, because the ash strengthens the nervous system arousal (ie, eliminates the effect of relaxing bath), well prepares the body for a broom rabote.Krapivny: dipped in hot water for a few seconds with light steamed sweeps only after warming up the body, using a powerful local irritant, distracting, anti-inflammatory nettle, ie, a broom is indicated for the treatment of sciatica, rheumatism, after exercise to relieve pain in joints and muscles, there is evidence that regular use of nettle broom reduces blood pressure and relieves nervous tension. Combined broom: combines the strengths and weaknesses of its components, they are experienced banschiki. Priemy Use a broom (it is recommended to use them all together, taking turns): opahivanie: slightly waving a broom, not touching the body, several times, “walk” along the body – from the head to toe – and back on both sides, while there is a nice warm breeze, caressing: slowly draw a broom along the body – from head to toe – and back again several times on both sides, shaking: If you want to warm the body stronger, occasionally lift the broom Up where the air temperature is higher, and shakes it; so hot broom press down for 2-3 seconds alternately to the back, shoulder blades, feet and knee joints, but if the shelf is very hot, the broom should be periodically cool, plunging into the water; postegivanie (from the word “flog”): light strikes a broom moving first in the prone position, then – on the back, then – again in the abdomen; pack: a broom lift up, grabbing the hot air, and produce 3.2 hit the body, again raised and pressed against the body for 2-4 seconds – this is the pack, these manipulations are particularly indicated for pain in muscles and joints, rubbing: usually when doing a recent entry into the steam room, and after pohlestyvaniya, this takes a broom in one hand on the handle, and the other hand press down the broom to the body and body rubbing strokes and circular motions, to get up after grinding should be gently and carefully, to avoid dizziness; Stretching: It is recommended for low back pain: two on the lower back is put a broom, press them to the body and then diluted in different directions (to the head and feet). You a couple of easy and good luck! Brooms for a bath: options and rendered effektBerezovye venikiBerezovye brooms for a bath, among other things, contribute to treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. For example, birch twigs bath provides a strong expansion in venichnom couple of small bronchi. This helps to improve ventilation. Birch brooms are remarkable in that in birch leaves is essential oils, tannins, vitamin C, provitamin A. All of them are very useful for zdorovya. Dubovy bath venikV Unlike birch brooms, oak twigs for a bath is usually recommended in cases with oily skin. Brooms made of oak make this skin matte and supple. In addition, oak bath broom has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The aroma of oak, which exudes an oak bath broom prevent excessive increases in blood pressure in the steam room. It should also be remembered that the oak twigs are another plus: oak leaves contain large amounts of tannins veschestv. Veniki for a bath of lipyVeniki for a bath of lime is also not lagging behind their “colleagues” – oak and birch brooms. Bath broom of lime eliminates the headaches and has a diuretic effect. Even twigs of lime accelerates sweating. People, and conventional medicine also note that the brooms for a bath of lime trees have a calming, healing wounds, bronchodilator, and antipyretic deystvie. Veniki of olhiChto for alder, the broom from her bath, as a rule, used for colds, aching joints and muscles. Fir and juniper twigs venikiPihtovy bath is usually used in winter in Siberia. A juniper twigs for a bath – in Central Asia. Fir and juniper twigs very helpful in terms of massage. This quality, unfortunately, at least have the birch twigs, and twigs of other trees. Fir and juniper twigs for a bath well help with pain in the spine, neuralgia and radikulite. Hvoyny venikVeniki bath for the bath from the needles have their own characteristics. It is best steamed pine twigs in boiling water bath for 10 minutes and diamonds. After the bath broom pine has soft, they can begin to steam. Even doing so, one or two pine branches are added to oak and birch brooms. They say it’s very helpful. Moreover, a mixture in which there are also pine and birch brooms, can be successfully used both for washing and for irrigation kamney. Evkaliptovye brooms each region – its own rules. If you use birch twigs in the middle zone of Russia, the Caucasus, brooms for a bath very often made of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus – a very popular medicinal plant, and a sauna whisk from it has a mass of useful properties. Eucalyptus leaves contain from 1 to 3 percent essential oil. Therefore, eucalyptus twigs very useful for colds and sore throat. In the eucalyptus steam room brooms pressed to his face and nose breathing for 4-5 minutes. It helps to cure many diseases of the respiratory tract. However, the twigs of eucalyptus for a bath and have one drawback. The branches of eucalyptus in its nature a very thin and flexible, but eucalyptus leaves are too long. For this reason, a bath of eucalyptus twigs with difficulty “unmanageable” during postegivaniya. Veniki of the mountain ash and pizhmyLyubopytno that the brooms for the bath could easily be raised to the rank of science. The fact is that in addition to the characteristics that are specific for each of the twigs of the tree, there is a specific timetable for the use to which these or other brooms for a bath can be used only at certain times. Brooms of the mountain ash and tansy as coffee, have a bracing effect on the person. Only for a bath brooms of the mountain ash and tansy is much better coffee. Bath broom from the leaves of rowan and herbs tansy enhance the excitation processes in the nervous system. Brooms for the bath of the mountain ash and tansy eliminate the influence of relaxing bath procedure is well prepared to work the body and so most successfully applied in the morning. Thus, it appears that a bath whisk is good not only at the end of the week to relax after the working voltage, but also in its beginning – the most real way to enter into a working ritm. Veniki
for a bath of krapivyOtnoshenie to the nettles, depending on the situation may be different but brooms nettle deservedly won national recognition. Brooms nettle is usually used when a sense of aches and pains in joints, muscles or back occurring usually after exercise. At the same bath broom Nettle – a good tool for the treatment of sciatica, rheumatism and podagry. Drugie obvious advantages possessed by the brooms for the bath from the bath broom krapivy. Krapivny subject to regular use lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. However, using brooms nettle, be aware that in contrast to the strong oak or birch brooms, brooms nettle quickly shoot the breeze, and you have to make new ones. In addition, dipped in hot water for a bath whisk for a few seconds. A steam broom nettle only after warming up the body and lungs vzmahami. Veniki for a bath of maple, walnut, ash, elm, cherry and other trees and kustarnikovBanny broom can be made of the branches of such trees as maple, walnut, ash, elm, or cherry. They also have beneficial medicinal properties and positively affect the human body. A very pleasant young shoots of broom cherries, cut in early summer. It is soft, has a nice cherry aromat. Veniki for a bath can be drawn from all branches of almost all trees and shrubs that are flexible enough, do not have spines and do not secrete sticky or toxic substances. Everything else, virtually all – oak, cherry, alder, linden or birch twigs – you can add bundles of medicinal herbs, or. In alliance with invaluable to the Russian bath brooms they always produce a healing effect and added strength. No wonder people say: “Out of the bath – as a born again!” Morning brooms to be “fresh as a daisy” Brooms from the leaves of rowan and herbs should be used pizhmy. Krapivny “rarely, accurately.” If the physical work, hiking or cycling long felt an ache and pain in joints, muscles or back, is pohlestat them burning herbs, and all the unpleasant effects disappear.

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