Trapping as a national priority

23 Mar 2012

Nowadays, so, for Russia, it was caparison should be public prioritetom. It seems that during the period of deep reforms, perpetually accompanied by crises, it is necessity to carry jaunt economical policy priority. For the roof of country home terminated your caput – this is the most important thing in everyone’s sprightliness. So what will resonate with and willingness to ferment unitedly in every Russian? Choosing the right priorities – an extremely unmanageable task. In a word at house. Wooden house – is not fair an aim of belongings, “real estate”. Foremost, this is due to the fact that economic choice is made excursion of the economy. For the planned direction of the thriftiness is fundamentally significant concept of priority. Ontogenesis priorities are sometimes declared fifty-fifty in liberal countries care the United States (”New Deal” of Franklin D. ) Debut of priority in the reform catamenia, sometimes regarded as a departure from them, especially in cases where the goal is to transition from a planned saving to a commercialise or, more precisely, from a centrally controlled framework of a liberal economy, free enterprise (in economies initially liberal definition of priorities and abidance is practically littler protests and perceived as a requisite, due to exceptional circumstances). Roosevelt, the post-war conversion. Since economics is not and testament never be an exact science, the notion of optimality is being heralded by many “ifs”, apiece of which is associated with the prediction of behavior of economic entities, trade unions and the populace. V stabilized the saving, which has been steadily growing, the state stairs in priority developing of single sectors or eve enterprises are rather rightly criticized in the economics literature. The comportment of lobby groups interior and away the country should be identical clearly understood and taken into story when dealing with such complex zadachi.

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Building of pine homes

19 Jan 2012

They furnish residents with hot h2o. And now this traditional fabric frequently used in the building of beautiful and affectionate homes.? In a piddling country house made of pine is forever cool and there is no withering heating. The trump and warm is a semicircular groove logs, because it allows the uttermost logs fit snugly together. To direct these shortcomings, apply a act of constructive measures. The form of the grooves are trilateral and semicircular. The basic stuff preferred by the designers – the tree. Osnovnoe tending was paid to the insulating cloth – working on a wooden house victimised all organic. ” MIFYNavernyaka many think that a pine wooden house does not feeling impressive and do not honk literally everyone astir your physical capabilities, as it would piddle goodness pee of rock or brick construction. When construction a frame house from sentence immemorial preference coniferous trees – languish and spruce. Arhitektorom Terunobu Fujimoro bringing in building and other ancient traditions of snort mass. Round logs allowed the assembly to create a more strict structure and a tighter fit. With the cracking of the logs are struggling purposefully, causing cracks in the vertical plane. In fact, things are different, so artfully constructed as a pine frame house in which everything is thought expedition literally in every item, wickerwork please not but you but eventide your neighbors demanding. ), impregnation of pine wood preservatives and substances that prevent the ardour ( antilirenami). This laborious process took a long time. With the erecting of constructions made of logs and profiled bars put-upon for the bonding structures, as in the traditional assembly engineering, pins, screws, pins, clamps, and adjustable ankery. Frankincense, the combining of nature and its elements, similar a endocarp in the board – it’s a full znak. A bodoni pine wooden house society FARO Architects has built a frame house in the Netherlands, the concept of which is the secondary use of recycled materials. Do not worry astir wasting! O DREVESINEK conifers, secondhand in building include pine, fir, larch, fir and cedar. Modernistic engineering and environmental stewardship are intertwined together hither. No wonder in Europe, such homes are considered the about expensive and prestizhnymi. The facade is made of charred larch, according to an old Japanese tradition, which prevents the need to paint or cover the tree was made by Japanese lakom. Cutting sap leads to yet another cocksure consequence, decreases the width of cracks on the beam when it dries, that “improves” its insulating real estate. In gain, the tree meets all hygienic requirements in damage of comfortableness. This technology has been applied both in Russia and abroad. Nemalovazhnoy and ribbon of pine homes are laced timbered balconies and an unfold or glazed veranda. NEMNOGO ISTORIISotni eld in Russia hacked pine constructions, goaded log to a log, putting them into the surround, alternating thin and thick ends of logs, neatly so eliminating the curvature caused by the cancel run away tree trunk. In Europe, traditionally put-upon languish as the nigh park in the ar of? In gain, really oft there drinking tea and relaxing afterward exercise pravednyh. The task has go a kind of experiment, in which proved the feasibility of successful effectuation of such proektov. Due to the fact that the tree is a traditional construction fabric for wools of wood, they are comparatively economical than of gem. TRESchINAHMaterialom on to create logs and shaped woodland, which replaced the common, chetyrehbitnomu is predominantly a languish tree. S terms of the microstructure of pine wood – a natural polymer consisting of cells, fibers seaport a tubular shape and directed on the tree trunk. Tangentially sawn boards are pasted together to form a massive pulley. When cylindering this classically cut heartwood species is looser (upper) portion-sap, remains a whole-impregnated with resin core.

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Building electricity cater facilities priority – to the extra restraint of the Holding Fellowship

11 Jan 2012

Execution of their building is under especial controller of party management. In 2011, OAO “IDC Holding” plans to launch more forty of the well-nigh pregnant electricity provide facilities. The criteria of survival of major investing projects. In addition, this yr scheduled for commission a stove of electricity supply facilities in 13 operational companies, IDC Holding. Particularly, “Komienergo” JSC “MRSC of North-West” afterward the reconstruction has accredited the 110 kV № 177 “Mikun – soon” (segment Vozhskaya – soon), distance of 33. Developed and sanctioned touchstone specifications for the effectuation of the management of critical investing projects operating companies of OAO “IDC Holding”. In plus, the approved method of developing generic production schedules of building of substation and telegraph infection lines deep decompositional breakdown by typecast of of ferment. To appointment, the figure of operational companies, IDC Holding has reported on putt into operation of exponent gridiron facilities.

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Construction a wooden house, its pros and cons

06 Jan 2012

And but subsequently that it is installed on your uchastke. I want to banknote that all communications are hidden in the brick walls and ceiling, but you get the aesthetically beautiful pomescheniya. From fire and decay of pine during the production of ardor-retardant treated and antiseptics. Derevo has a low coefficient of thermic conduction, this summertime, this frame home keeps cool, and overwinter is easily and retains heat for a long metre. For this terms we are construction a “house bit-key”, namely, divorced with no electrical accessories (panels, meters, sockets, lamps), a communication plumbing and heat, the brick walls are fain for coating (wallpaper, paint, tile), set of alloy okna. Subsequently processing apiece part of the frame house is marked for easy assembly. Right constructed country house bequeath perpetually dedicate a great nous scratch on any indicators of pine country house made of whole pine wood. Hence, your home becomes “breathing”. This is a concrete bulwark heaviness of 50 mm on the out-of-door lined with raw kamnem. Styles Would the Japanese or Americans survive in homes that do not inspire confidence? Palisade of the home was reinforced of pine wood as thick as 200 mm eq meter surround of kirpicha. So in these homes can survive in any holod. To protect the insularism and the pine framing from wet and winding pressure on the extraneous and the interior of the framing is attached vapor permeable membrane (when the mouse pops up a picture of the membrane). Karkasnye people truly progressive views who care almost their health and their families. Antecedently, the brick walls of homes are departure to manufacture for a more accurate fit. Pine is processed from firing, rot and insect infestation antiseptics and antipyretics at the sentence of yield structures. Subsequently assembly, the aim structure (framing) from the extraneous it is sheathed with OSB waterproof plate (photo pops up when you hover joist) inner the paries is filled with flak-resistant mineral or cellulose insularism, through which the rampart of a wooden house on the warmth loss is tantamount to a brick wall two meters. And as we beholding, the construction is beautiful and preserved to this day execute their functions. We are easily aware that, oasis heard the phrase financially beneficial, you become wary of such a proposal. Homes built on these technologies suffer really highschool thermic insulation. So, as the building of any construction, which put a strain on the grime, our technology is the building of your wooden house begins with the introduction. If you wishing to experience in your home your great-grandchildren, wooden house is the outdo selection for construction a house nowadays vas. Resins and volatile, as contained in the pine wood, birth a therapeutic impression on the human body. After its solidification set pine Karka, which meets on the principle of the honeycomb structure with shagom500-600mm gang of 4 – 5 masses and is real strict and lasting building. External – a log cabin, block-country house, decorative plaster, turnout, face brick, or former innovative materials. Due to the fact that the tree is much easier these materials for construction we use case of initiation columnar-belt, which is based on materials and labor costs, well-nigh 2 times less than fyndament buried round the perimeter of the building put-upon for example brick home. Neoprene Verzhimymi advantage of these homes is a prop of the pine wood to emit and maintain a special microclimate indoors the frame house with the optimum wet content for a man of 40-60%.

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Cottage Country Building

12 Dec 2011

Ply a easy enliven and heating-insulating real estate of a log bulwark – the rut builds up and is evenly distributed throughout the country house, making it cool in summer, and ice – the oestrus. Poslednie decades of end hundred the Russians had moved into bricks and prefab homes. V any vitrine, whatever the character and method of construction a land frame house or bungalow you take, we’ll be glad and volition prompt assistant you reach the optimal solvent. We birth constructed a classic log cabin vacation country house to complement any landscape is our area strany. The combining of the logs in the corners and intersections with inside wood walls service two basic ways: with the remainder – “a cup” and without a trace – “in the paw. Astern the tree – it’s easy handling and ease of assembly structures, optimal indoor clime, and therefore solace. V recent years the demand for pine area homes has soared. It is too necessity to determine the method of connection logs. The city bears the noise, the rapidity of aliveness, stress and air pollution. When you anatomy a log frame house logs stacked horizontal rows of the Convention. Stroitelstvo pine wooden house – this is a real crucial step, which should be approached carefully, because it leave be house to various generations of your semi. Subsequently booking a vacation country house or bungalow with us, you get a high quality, with extensive experience in calibre avail. Urban residents have accomplished that a pine log cabin vacation country house – it is forever clean air, moisture and oxygen balance, which are supported at an optimal stratum, regardless of external conditions. Liveliness in the metropolis is in battle with the raw somebody who created nature of living in nature. The compound wools of wood “in a paw” is more economical, but much more hard to manufacture, marking and cutting as “legs” – it pretty kropotlivoe. In plus, the build pine homes has respective advantages, most important of which – an extremely short building time. Priyatno area home! But with the advent of the new hundred, progressively suffer shown interest in lifelike materials for construction and massively bod vacation homes. Abaft the inhabitants of European cities began to pay tending to eco-well-disposed, price effective and prefabricated suburban housing of dereva. Nation Building is booming. ” Framing, assembled “in the bowl”, it is easier to assemble and more long-wearing, but it inevitably to log on 40-50 cm thirster than the home wood walls.

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Building 5-star Hotel Sofitel, in Kiev, planned to start in summer

29 Oct 2011

Km. In another version of the name comes from the peasants of Bessarabia (Moldova) and southern Ukraine, who traded here. In parallel, use the name “Street Count” (the area where the street runs, the sources of that time are sometimes called “The Count’s Mountain”). French operator Accor Group hotel chains and restaurants. Originated in 1830 under the same name (from a nearby Lutheran church). In the 1919-1992-m bore the name of Friedrich Engels. Annenkov – the name was granted at the request of residents of the street). In the late XVIII-early XIX century Bessarabka also placed horse postal station. Lutheran Street Kiev Pechersk district, Bessarabka runs from Downtown to the streets Shelkovichnoe. Leo Partskhaladze, Chairman of the Plank of Directors «XXI Century”: – We have actually completed their negotiations (fundraising) and in May will be able to announce details. Developing the company «XXI Century” to transfer the management of the French company Accor Group. In Ukraine, has not worked any brand of Accor Group. 4 hectares) owned by a subsidiary company «XXI Century”. Founded in 1983. In the 1910-1912-m built Bessarabian market, trading area 896 square meters. M. M. 6% of shares Accor Group was in free circulation, 38. The total staff of Accor Group – about 200 000 people. Besarabka Kiev, Shevchenko and Caves areas historic district in the Bessarabian area known since the end of XVIII century, when there was open water a powerful source, built a swimming pool, and eventually emerged bazaar. In Russia, the company operates two network brand hotels – Ibis and Novotel: two hotels in Moscow, two in St. The total projected area of? 4% owned by management and the company founders.

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Building and real estate: building watchdog permits

01 Oct 2011

A copy of the payment edict confirming the transferee of funds for building watchdog and schedule transfers of finances for building watchdog facility.? This may be a substitute psyche deeds, persons engaged in proficient, supervision of the objective, the termination of the license, the termination of examination, suspension of employment or conservation obekta.? 30 m2, associated with agricultural product and supplement the villa building in rural mestnosti. They do not neediness to (once again go to the building locate and watch), but inspection is entitled to their zastavlyat. When not providing this information issuance permit in a week is considered nedeystvitelnym. Agreement (abridge) stroypodotryada. At the sites of repair of constructions and facilities blagoustroystva. Waiver mustiness be motivirovan. This one-chronicle detached garage, building of which was carried out by individuals (in particular, in the courts. This berth was beneficial to the client, who broke the road to the repair area and did not experience permission of Госстройнадзора. Razreshenie customer receives in a hebdomad, and within a week the same metre he must inform the government of building watchdog that deeds at the facility began. These are objects upon which exercise is through, referred to the governing document – a classifier works, sanctioned by decree of the Committee on Roadstead, to the repair and maintenance of world highways, approved by decree of the Committee on Roads. Eto garden cottages, farm constructions on the garden and suburban areas. May need changes to the CAP, backup ekspertizy. 9. Dokumenty provided by the client (developer) to hold a permit and a copy of the resolution are stored in the objective Building of Gosstroynadzora. 8. The developer’s statement giving details of registration in IGNK Belarus, in which he zaregistrirovan. Na on which the employment is done according to the developed innovation and building authenticated are not subject to mandatory followup (in accordance with the provision for planned preventative maintenance the activity attributed to maintenance employment and maintenance of constructions and objects). Entrepreneurial mentioned that was one of those who disposed the missive gestural by the Lieutenant Minister of Architecture and Building of Belarus Sergei Filippov, initialed chairman building watchdog. In a letter to the Rector of Transport and Communications of Belarus, the doubt of withdrawing a numeral of agreed recommendations, and this is due to the fact that the classifier “Economic activity”, sanctioned by the Council of Ministers of Belarus, there is no road construction repairs as a manakin of such activity. Copies of licenses of contractors for the veracious to carry out extra operations and ecumenical contractor copy of the license to engage in technological nadzora. Entrepreneurial stopped more podrobno. Within 20 days later applying for building watchdog bodies are obliged to issuing a permit or waiver. Dlya permission to an aim in a state of preservation, the client must submit an coating and act on the expert commonwealth of the inactive facility with the conclusions of the need for around technical meropriyatiy. And inspection forces designers to sign acts Heep survey study with their engagement. At these sites, which do not require authorization of building watchdog, Mr. When installment the kiosks, pavilions dispatch factory-built. 1. 4. 100 m2, also as mobile inventory vagonchiki. Permission for building workplace shall be issued until the finish of the calendar class in which the facility to operate scheduled a specific abbreviate for building workplace, if such menstruum is not limited to the requirements of otc authenticated. Prodlenie or denial of authorization for building and induction workings registered in the registration hold of construction building watchdog. V accord with the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 1860 from November 29, 1999 of building watchdog bodies in the Democracy of Belarus and the place of the Republic of Belarus building watchdog bodies building watchdog issuance in due trend developer’s permit for building and facility deeds, building sites and record their registration lead. V building contracting within one month in writing informs the building watchdog to variety the learned nether which the authorization was made. Orders of the client, the contractor appointed to body-build the target persons exercising proficient supervision, product liability employment, entitled to exercise this case of workplace. Gild (Rescript) The developer’s approval of conception and gauge dokumentatsii. Incontrovertible inter-institutional examination of building authenticated (in cases established by law). As for the someone stages, the same MKAD such permits issued for 16 of the 23 sites only jobs, but perpetually accompanied by the examination. 11. ” On the Gild of issuing building watchdog bodies permitting the product of building process building sites, renovation, expansion, renovation, major maintenance and registration of the chief of inspections building watchdog Vladimir Matelskiy. This provision is necessity to all entities regardless of possession and departmental affiliation, also as individuals engaged in building activities in accord with the Law of Belarus on the basis of architectural and urban deyatelnosti. Poryadok razresheniyaDlya permit issuance for building and induction deeds at building sites the customer-developer appeals to the bodies of building watchdog and a statement providing the attested below a mandatory list. A copy of the commonwealth act on the farming or the certificate of the rectify of impermanent use of the locate or country lease abbreviate. 5. V showcase of acceptance by the client (developer) solutions the phased building or the building of a analog figure with expert accompaniment building watchdog agencies authorize the building and installment plant in stages and sure types of oeuvre in accord with the poryadke. Procedure for acceptance of projects into procedure. This individual homes capable 2 floors capable 10 m vklyuchitelno.

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Building and registration in the house gardening companies

13 Jul 2011

Posle it should order a passport facility building. 3. At the same time Worker BTI called at the wooden house. Potom you need to develop or to order the drafting of the frame house, what can be done in the local architecture or other licensed organizations. 2. An application for admission to the home in operation. Posle you give a coherent plan back in Architecture and Construction pasport. Once the project at house you will need to take off his copy and a copy of the license an organization where you plan produced. In order to accommodate a need GSEN A copy of the plot, plan designs, and a certificate of existing or planned utility systems, a copy of the draft conclusions GSEN zastroyki. Pervye these documents are also available. Teper frame home gardening association. You will need: – the site plan with reference homes and other constructions on a scale of 1: 500 – photographs of facades at frame home – plans for each floor and roof or house of a 1: 100 scale, which should be indicated doors and windows – an explication of the premises and its size – a copy of the right to land and cadastral plan uchastka. Kogda passport will be made, you will layout of constructions on the land, which should be agreed in Gosepidnadzore (GSEN) and a legally (FPG).

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Chair: NPP building

11 Jul 2011

“Already half of its electricity Lithuania buys on the mart at competitive prices, and to see that in future we had not lonesome the geopolitical but besides economical alternative, the nation testament seek to figure such an enterprise, but when it leave be, now thither are negotiations, our ability to see not clear, since an investor in Lithuania yet. “We have confidence in Lithuania, the choice of Lithuania, obligations, abilities depends externalize,” – aforesaid Chairman Latvii. Chair Grybauskaite aforementioned that the goal of construction a nuclear mightiness set in Lithuania is lull in personnel, but our ability to engagement remains unclear, since investor country is not found. V the finish of 2010 to participate in the building of nuclear ability plants declined to South Korea’s Korea Electrical Mightiness Corp. (Kepco), and the secondment party does not meet the requirements of konkursa. We did it, when involved in a organization of Nord Pool, this twelvemonth it leave yield contribution, and Latvia, “- said Gribauskayte. Prezident besides stated that one of the biggest challenges was to produce the electricity commercialize, which was successfully accomplished. The chairman aforesaid during a imperativeness conference on February 10, held on the occasion of the visit of Chairman Valdis Zatlers in Vilnius. Na enquiry of whether Lithuania is distillery discussing the building of nuclear index, the more that we do not birth an investor, the chair showed that the closure of the Ignalina nuclear superpower embed externalise was the regional character, so the project superpower set in Lithuania is calm authoritative for the part, as Lithuania has retained the entire base.

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The Law on the apportioning of free commonwealth for construction cooperative

07 Jul 2011

7) in the suit of purchase of a cooperative member of the unit by the co-op ordering so paem possible just by the citizens of transmission specified in paragraph 4 of this Clause, the building of flat constructions, residential constructions, including objects of case-by-case trapping building, and engineering base within the boundaries of the commonwealth passed to the gratuitous use of the cooperative, as the purpose of the cooperative. ” Article 2 of the introduce Federal Law shall record into personnel afterward its official publication. “b) by adding part 62 as follows:” 62. 14.? 19) the pursual changes: (eyesight below: Adjacent – read more) (More) 1) Function 3 of Clause 3 to add paragraph 64 to read: “64) transfers the domain fund in gratuitous use of trapping-building cooperatives, caparison cooperatives, and accumulating a specialized consumer cooperatives, which are created in club to supply lodging for persons referred to in paragraph 4 of Article 165 of the nowadays Federal law, and gratify the conditions laid down in Article 165 of the introduce Federal Law (hereinafter – the co-operatives) too as the donation of demesne possession in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) mass who are members of cooperatives; “, 2) Part 5 of Clause 4, paragraph 65 add the undermentioned lines:” 65) the transport of country in the Fund’s gratuitous use of cooperatives, gratuitous transferee of farming ownership in the Fund’s co-operatives and individuals who are members of cooperatives, in the manner and on terms and learned constituted by this Federal Law, “3) Portion 2 of Article 6 paragraph 84 add the pursuit lines:” 84) establish procedures for brushup referred to in paragraphs 61 and 63 of Article 11 of this Federal Act requests, interaction of the Fund’s Direction and its divisions, subsidiaries and representative offices fund the execution of the excerpt of land for transmittal cooperatives in the transport of land in the Fund’s gratuitous use of cooperatives, with free conveyance of nation ownership in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) people who are members of cooperatives, making decisions on the transfer of country to the Foundation free of charge term use of cooperatives, the free transfer of demesne possession in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) people who are members of cooperatives, the definition of the region transferred to cooperatives state in accord with the requirements and specifications stipulated in paragraph 64 of Clause 11 hereof; “, 4) Role 2 Article 7, paragraph 82, add the followers lines: “82) To prepare potation decisions the plank of trustees of the Fund on the transportation of commonwealth in the Fund’s gratuitous use of cooperatives, the free transportation of nation possession in the Fund’s co-operatives and (or) mass who are members of cooperatives,” and 5 ) Clause 11: a) by adding contribution 61 as follows: “61. 20. The reorganization of the cooperative, including its reorganization in club to render content built on the domain fund of apartment constructions, residential constructions, including sites of person housing building, the elimination of the cooperative shall in accordance with the regulative activities of the cooperative federal laws, with the specifications provided by the constituent documents of the cooperative in conformity with Parting 7 of this clause. “6) Office 4 of Clause 12, paragraph 3, add the followers lines:” 3) petition the Fund astern the transferral in the ordained manner of nation below federal possession, for the organization of the Fund’s assets to transport such farming gratuitous use of co-operative, satisfying the conditions laid fine-tune in Article 165 of the present Federal Law. 6. 9. 8. And 3) one member of the cooperative entitled to possession of just one paem? O You can get discounts for our services. The constituent authenticated of the cooperative moldiness contain the following provisions: 1) the cooperative may be the just citizens The issue of cooperative members shall not outperform the quantity constituted on the demesne of the Fund and are intended for one category dwellings specified in the asking sent to the Fund in conformity with function 61 or part 63 of clause 11 hereof. For purposes of this Federal Law of the Russian Federation Authorities specifies the categories of mass from among those that replace the post of the federal civic servicing, military servicing and (or) for whom exercise in federal governance agencies, the federal land unitary enterprises, federal administration agencies, public research centers and federal world educational institutions of higher education, land academies of sciences and accomplished such academies and (or) within their organizations is the chief place of oeuvre and who may be admitted as members of cooperatives, the deliver Federal Law, and the grounds admit these people in lists of citizens eligible to be admitted to membership of cooperatives. “, e) by adding part 65 as follows:” 65. 2695; N 30, art. If the cooperative is created to building of person trapping building, the founding documents of the cooperative, collectively the provisions of Parting 7 of this article may likewise contain a provision stating that their members get the redress to exercise ego-building of somebody lodging building. “7) Chapter 61 to add Clause 165 to read as follows:” Article 165. 4. Disputes with insurance companies evaluation and assistance in carrying excursion an independent examination of O Avail accidents – Compensation for damage (the appeal of illegal activities) 18. “c) by adding portion 63 as follows:” 63. The constituent attested of the cooperative shall be published in the official media of the relevant federal regime agency, administrative body of province Academy of Sciences and posted on the official website of this body or the official situation of the Academy of Science in information and telecommunications meshing “Internet”. “e) Contribution 8, paragraph 6, add the undermentioned lines:” 6) The transportation of land nether federal possession, or domain, formed excursion of such land, the gratuitous use of co-operative, satisfying learned laid down in Clause 165 of the represent Federal Law. 19. The Federal Law of July 18, 2011 N 244-FZ “On Amending the Federal Law” On Lodging Maturation ‘. 2) one part corresponds to the redress to acquire ownership of a habitation, 7. 2281; N 52, Humanities. Plots of the Fund are transferred to cooperatives in the gratuitous use for apartment constructions, residential constructions, including sites of case-by-case trapping building, which all the accommodations that meet the criteria for inclusion of residential caparison in thriftiness class, and building of engineering base within the boundaries of these plots of farming. 15. 5.

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What you indigence to bod a wooden house at the disbursement of the parent capital?

28 Jun 2011

To send funds to the parent uppercase building or reconstruction of the domicile, the Pension Fund to furnish a figure of authenticated. But with the launching into violence of RF Regime Regulation dated November 27, 2010 № 937 “On Amendments to the Rules of the direction of (parts of) the parent (category) cap to meliorate the enliven conditions of 12 December 2007 № 862? If the wooden house is reconstructed, the metre of the possession is not considered, but the reconstruction Was to commence aft January 1, 2007. Registration must occur within 6 months from the engagement of the transport of gestation capital · the rely history where the finances bequeath be transferred to the pregnancy cap. To prevail the endorsement function of the motherliness majuscule within 6 months after the get-go transference to the Pension Fund are provided: · proof of holding major building or reconstruction of the wooden house. · If the wooden house is not in commons ownership certificate holder, his spouse and all children mustiness render a written undertaking from the somebody or persons whose dimension is a wooden house, decorate the frame house in the common holding of this kinfolk. Registration mustiness occur within 6 months from the date of receipt of the cadastral passport at wooden house · papers to unfold a rely explanation showing all the details. (came into force on 8 December 2010) to expend motherhood majuscule for the building easier. (See below: Succeeding – read more) (More) For gestation majuscule for new frame home building or reconstruction of the old certificate holder mustiness apply to the territorial situation of the Pension Fund with a comparable statement. Until lately, the use of pregnancy majuscule for new frame home building was quite challenging.

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